Weigh Scale Calibration

We cover most make and models of weighing scales and force measuring devices.


We cover most make and models of weighing scales and force measuring devices, choose from our laboratory service or on-site calibration at your premises.

We are also able to repair your weighing equipment. Sometimes the team may find the equipment fails when performing a calibration procedure, once you give us the go-ahead, we can repair these faults, calibrate your device, and ensure that your test equipment is safe for use.

We offer a nationwide collection service for as little as £8.89 each way per parcel.

The types of scales and force equipment we offer calibration include:

  • Precision Balances
  • Test Weights
  • Lab Balances
  • Laboratory Balances
  • Force Gauge
  • Spring Balance
  • Push/Pull Gauge
  • Load Cell
  • Load Link
  • Dynamometer
  • Lab Scales
  • Laboratory Scales

Onsite Calibration Service Available

If sending your equipment out for calibration isn’t an option JBA Calibration Services can provide you with the perfect alternative with our cost-effective, friendly, and efficient onsite calibration service which is on hand 7 days a week, keeping production in the workplace moving.

Prices start from £12.50 +VAT

  • Analytical Balances
  • Sartorius Scales
  • Sartorius Balances
  • Electronic Weighing Scales
  • Industrial Scales
  • Weighing Scales
  • Weigh Pads
  • Weighing Balances
  • Weigh Bridges

Scale Calibration: FAQs

1Do weigh scales need to be calibrated?
Your scales and balances require calibration. Even the most expensive professional scales won't remain accurate forever. Frequent calibration will ensure your scales meet technical requirements.
2How do I know if my weigh scale is working correctly?
If you get different readings of the same object from your weigh scale then your scales may need calibration. At JBA we offer calibration certificates that can prove to inspectors that your equipment has gone through a calibration process.
3Can moving a weigh scale affect its accuracy?
Moving a weigh scale can affect its accuracy and dependability and should be calibrated to ensure its performing within its allowable tolerance.

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