Our team of trained technicians can ensure that your temperature measuring devices are performing correctly and conform to all manufacturer standards. We provide fully traceable certificates to ISO/IEC 17025.

Want your equipment for the same day? Simply call ahead and we can book an appointment with a technician to calibrate your equipment while you wait.

We offer a nationwide collection service for as little £8.89 each way per parcel.

Onsite Calibration Service Available

If sending your equipment out for calibration isn’t an option JBA Calibration Services can provide you with the perfect alternative with our cost effective, friendly, and efficient onsite calibration service what is on hand 7 days a week, keeping production in the workplace moving.

Prices Starting From £18+ VAT

  • Ullage Temperature Interface (UTI Meters)
  • Temperature Calibrators (Hot and Cold)
  • Temperature Gauges
  • Thermal Cameras
  • IR Thermometer
  • IR Camera
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Room Thermometer
  • Dry Block Probe Calibrator
  • Glass Thermometers
  • Digital Thermometers
  • Thermocouple Probes
  • PT100 Probes
  • Thermohydrometers
  • Temperature Transmitters
  • All Fixed Temperature Probes