Onsite Calibration

Onsite calibration is performed at the customer’s premises and not at a calibration laboratory.

If you have equipment that is too large and cannot be moved such as scales, cranes, large containers, big ovens and refrigerators. This kind of equipment must be calibrated on-site, and that’s what JBA onsite calibration services are here for.

There are also other instruments which are part of an installation that must be calibrated as a whole. These may be part of an industrial process such as temperature and pressure transmitters, pressure gauges and flow transmitters and gauges. In industry, sensors and transmitters are observed and controllers or PLCs. Some instruments are very sensitive and their transportation to and from the calibration laboratory may cause damage.

If sending your equipment out for calibration isn’t an option, JBA Calibration can provide you with the perfect alternative. Our cost-effective, friendly and efficient onsite calibration service is available 7 days a week.

There are many benefits from onsite calibrations. Some of these are:

  1. The calibration time is reduced and the time of a possible production shutdown is minimised or even eliminated
  2. Eliminates shipping costs
  3. It avoids possible damages and malfunctions due to mishandling during transportation
  4. Calibration of the equipment within the environmental conditions where they are normally used
  5. We can test your equipment and calibrate it wherever and whenever you need
  6. You can have all equipment calibrated and serviced at the same time

Mobile Calibration Laboratory

Fully equipped, self-contained, transportable calibration laboratory capable of performing calibrations under controlled environmental conditions. A mobile laboratory may be a main or branch laboratory and is subject to the same accreditation requirements.

A mobile laboratory is a fully equipped climate-controlled vehicle prepared for any type of instrument calibration.

Onsite Calibration Laboratory

An operation that is directly supported by an established calibration laboratory facility that performs calibrations at customer locations. Onsite calibrations usually take place in rooms provided by the customer for the calibration technicians.

Our team are always happy to discuss your requirements for our site calibration services. Call us or request a quote online with a preferred time and date you would like us to contact you.

Onsite Calibration: FAQs

1When are onsite technicians available?
At JBA calibration our onsite technicians work 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
2How quickly can a technician calibrate equipment onsite?
If you need your equipment for the same day you can call ahead and book an appointment with a technician to calibrate your equipment while you wait.
3How often should my equipment be calibrated?
Manufacturers will provide a suggested frequency for calibrating instruments, and it is generally accepted that calibrations should be done no less than once a year.

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