Light Meter Calibration

We calibrate most lux meter leading brands


We calibrate most lux meter leading brands, including Chauvin Arnoux, ETI, Testo, Sauter, Amp Probe and many more.

With over 25 years of experience, you can trust us to calibrate your light meters to exact and reliable measurements. Providing a free traceable calibration certificate with every device calibrated. Our calibration technicians adapt calibration procedures to suit your needs and can provide onsite calibrations on your premises. Should our calibration technicians find any faults with your equipment they are also highly trained in repairs.

Meters we calibrate:

  • Light Meter (lux)
  • Environmental Meters

Fast Turnarounds

We understand how important your test and measuring equipment may be to your business which is why we offer fast 3-day turnarounds. Want your equipment for the same day? Simply call ahead and we can book an appointment with a technician to calibrate your equipment while you wait.

We offer a nationwide collection service for as little as £8.89 each way per parcel. Prices start from £28.00 +VAT

Light & Environmental Calibration

Light source and environmental meter calibration services are vital to many industries including:

  • Media sectors
  • Controlled environments
  • OSHA Regulations
  • Security
  • If you have many items needing calibration, give us a call. We're always here to discuss the best option to keep production in your workplace moving.

Lux meter: FAQs

1How do you calibrate a lux meter?
We measure how accurately the light meter responds to the illuminance level and also spectral responsiveness. Spectral responsiveness makes sure that the colour response matches the human eye.
2Why do lux meters need to be calibrated?
Light meters must be calibrated to ensure that they have not drifted from their reference and remain accurate. Inaccurate light meters can result in damage to production and processes.
3How often should lux meters be calibrated?
We recommend that you perform a calibration annually. However, if you work in harsh environmental conditions then we recommend that you calibrate lux meters more often.

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