Dimensional Calibration

At JBA Calibration we have over 25 years of experience


At JBA Calibration we have over 25 years of experience in providing precisely accurate dimensional calibrations.

Our full-service calibration lab ensures that we have the right tools and credentials to provide you with reliable readings for all of your dimensional equipment. We cover a variety of manual and digital measurement devices and gauges, from leading manufacturers such as Mitutoyo, Insize, Oxford, Mahr, and Kennedy. Our experienced technicians can ensure that your tools are working accurately, giving you the correct readings you require every time.

We perform traceable calibration on many types of dimensional instruments that measure length and width. Such as micrometers, protractors, levels, squares, rules, measures and calipers.

Onsite Dimensional Calibration

If sending your dimensional equipment out for calibration isn’t an option, JBA Calibration Services can provide you with the perfect alternative. Our cost-effective, friendly, and efficient onsite calibration service is on hand 7 days a week, keeping production in the workplace moving.

Pricing starts from £2.65

Dimensional Calibration Equipment

Dimensional Calibration: FAQs

1What tool is used to calibrate a micrometer?
We use a gage block to calibrate an unknown micrometer. We then ensure that the sleeve index of the unknown micrometer and thimble zero are aligned.
2How often should dimensional equipment be calibrated?
The calibration procedure is often performed annually. But the actual frequency depends on your usage, required precision and the environment to which it is subjected.
3How important is dimensional calibration?
Dimensional calibration is vital for improving your measurement capabilities and accuracy.

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