Cat and Genny Calibration

Cat and Genny Equipment is important for avoiding serious hazards


Cable Avoidance Tools (C.A.T) and Signal Generators (Genny)

Equipment is important for avoiding serious hazards at any site where underground cables need to be detected. It’s important to ensure that your CAT & Genny equipment is properly calibrated to protect the lives of your employees.

Your employees rely on their CAT and Genny equipment to work to the manufacturer’s standards in order to do their jobs safely.

Cat and Genny equipment helps you to:

  • Plan work in advance
  • Locate cables
  • Dig safely

At JBA Calibration we ensure that all you cable locators and safety equipment needed for underground services are restored to full working order. Thousands of site managers trust us to do the repair work needed to get their underground location tools up to the highest standards required to pass their calibrations.

We offer calibration certificates and access to a free online customer portal so that you can easily keep on top of all your equipment calibration needs.

CAT and Genny Equipment

We can calibrate most leading brands, including:
  • Radiodetection
  • CAT2
  • CAT3
  • CAT 4
  • SPX
  • Cscope
  • Amprobe CATs

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CAT and Genny: FAQs

1What are cable avoidance tools?
Cable avoidance tools such as locators and ground penetrating radars are used before any excavation work to locate underground cables.
2Which sectors use cable avoidance tools and transmitters?
It’s an important piece of safety equipment across many sectors, and a regular on groundwork, excavation and construction sites.
3How often should a safety equipment be calibrated?
As a piece of safety equipment, CAT & Genny should be serviced and have their calibration validated at least once a year.

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